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I am a LMT and licensed esthetician who has gone through certified training programs, specializing in a variety of different practices including Massage, skincare and waxing. At Natural Rituals, I provide guidance for all levels of wellness so you can decide what feels best for your mind, body, and soul.

A healing touch.

The Journey of a Wellness Seeker.
My mission here at Natural Rituals Holistic Spa is to use my healing nature and compassion to create a world that consists of affordable wellness for everyone. I believe that companies should be focused on offering affordable wellness services that provide customers with results. Everyone deserves to feel well.
Natural Rituals was created After I spent 5 years working in the wellness industry as a Dual licensed specialist (massage therapist & esthetician). I was disappointed that spas and wellness centers were not making wellness services affordable for everyone. Have you ever gone to a spa because a dear friend or family member bought you a gift card and as you are leaving all you can say is “I wish I could do this more often”? Me too! Massage therapy has become more of a luxury than a necessity. We should make massage a weekly ritual to maintain our wellness. At Natural Rituals Holistic Spa I use natural organic products to help rehydrate and nourish the skin, I customize each massage to fit the needs of each person on my table. I block off extra time at the end of each session to give you the full massage every time. You will receive a complementary foot bath while I dive into your consultation. Once the consultation is concluded I will step out of the room while you get comfortable on the heated treatment table. Every body is different, I will make sure to communicate throughout the massage to confirm that you are comfortable. Once the massage is concluded I will offer you some water or hot Tea before I step out and give you space to get dressed. I specialize in deep tissue, trigger point therapy, energy work, acupressure and more. Lets help the world regain wellness one client at a time.
In my journey with massage I have recognized that the human body talks to us and always tells us when something is wrong. The body’s language sounds like pain, inflammation, achy joints, soreness ect. My hands and intuition allow me to translate that language in a way to not only help others heal but to connect with them through the power of touch. For me, healing is essential and an integral part of who I am. I am dedicated to the enrichment of myself, others and the world of wellness.

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Meet Kaegan, Owner of Natural Rituals Holistic Spa

After graduating high school Kaegan instantly jumped into her career in the healing arts. she went to Aveda Institute Denver and received her Esthetician license. She started working as an esthetician in Castlerock. Although healing the skin and helping the world around her tap into their own beauty was fulfilling, Kaegan was still longing for more growth. In 2018 Kaegan went back to Aveda Institute Denver for her massage therapy license to heal the world from the inside out. After gaining experience and knowledge working for other corporations such as day spas and salons, Kaegan decided it was time to create a sacred space of her own to heal the world. As a knowledge seeker she is constantly craving expansion and learning and wants to continue her education to eventually become a one stop shop for any wandering soul who needs healing. Kaegan is always looking for new ways of growing and expanding her healing practice to use her gifts to make a positive impact in the world.

Aveda Institute Denver- Massage Therapist License

Aveda Institute Denver- Esthetician License