A sacred space is a space you can create that makes you feel calm, safe and connected. It is a spiritual space that holds items and tools for self-care. Try to choose items that give you energy and help inspire you to get into the ritual of meditation, yoga, prayer, or any other sacred practice.

Choose a cozy corner in your home, or even the bathtub can be used as a sacred sanctuary of relaxation. Decorate with things that make you happy and bring you peace like crystals, statues, pictures, salt lamps, symbols, jewelry, and inspirational quotes. Don’t forget to bring nature in and incorporate flowers, plants, sage and herbs. You can even bring in natural scents like candles, incense, and essential oils to activate the olfactory system in your brain to help you relax.

Try to keep your space clean and clutter free so the energy can flow naturally and freely, you can even bring in self care products such as skin care, yoga mats, body care, and massage tools to take a moment to give back to yourself and recharge.

No matter how you choose to decorate, make sure your sacred space is an extension of you. Its a place you can go to recharge your energy and heal your wounds. You are worthy and deserving of having a space like this.

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